Why do European car companies seem so reluctant to expand in the U.S.?

In this July 20, 2019, file photo, a Nissan LEAF is displayed at the Nissan dealers in New York.The company says it plans to start making new LEAF models in the United States, but is keeping its focus on its European car lines.The European automakers are struggling to keep up with a global market for […]

Car dealership Chery: ‘The worst mistake I’ve ever made’

Chery Automotive’s parent company, Chery Group, announced the firing of the head of its automotive operations, John E. Hagan, following a tumultuous few months.The company said Tuesday that Hagan will not return to the company in the coming weeks.The news was announced Tuesday during a joint press conference with General Motors and General Motors Alliance.Chery […]

How to read a tweet to determine whether it’s fake

What if you read a news article you thought was fake, only to realize it was just a photo?If you’re like most people, you probably think of Twitter as a place where you can tweet to find out if a tweet is a hoax.But a new study published this week suggests that it’s much more […]

When you want to keep your car safe, there’s no better insurance policy than car insurance

With the rise of hybrid cars and self-driving cars, many people have been wondering whether auto insurance is a good idea.And according to a new survey by AutoInsuranceGuide.com, the answer is definitely yes.The survey found that more than half of drivers polled said they would pay a premium for car insurance, even if they never […]

Why canadian auto association is all talk about changan automobile

Canada’s auto industry has struggled to survive amid a national auto crash and regulatory scrutiny that has seen its profits plunge by almost 60% over the past year.With no clear way forward for the industry, some members of the Canadian Auto Workers union are pushing a new union push in hopes of holding the government […]

Which car is the best for overland driving?

It is a question that has perplexed automotive enthusiasts since the 1930s.The car that made the best overland drive was the Volkswagen Beetle, which is arguably the most popular vehicle in the world.It made an efficient, comfortable overland road trip in less than four hours and was a huge hit in the United States, thanks […]

Why is this car in Sydney not worth the hype?

Why is the Essex automobile, a luxury sedan with a luxury interior, not worth a $500,000 listing? There’s nothing wrong with the car, or the idea behind it, says Melbourne car collector, Michael Pemberton, who recently launched a Facebook group to raise money for the Esso’s sale.But Mr Pembertor says it’s time for more people to […]

Tucker: The Autonomous Truck Driver

The company that’s revolutionized trucking, Tucker, is about to do something no one else has done yet: automate driving.Tucker, which is now part of Ford, plans to test its truck driver system by the end of the year in a handful of locations.The trucks will then be delivered to customers and be driven back to […]

When cars will be electric?

The car of the future is coming, and it’s going to be electric.That’s according to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, which is poised to be the first company in history to have an electric vehicle on the market.Tesla has released an announcement this morning detailing its plans to launch its Model 3 vehicle […]

The world’s most powerful computers will be available in 2020

In 2020, the world’s largest computers will have a price tag of $200 billion or more.That’s according to the most recent data from the research firm IHS Markit.The company says that if the technology can stay competitive in the coming years, the price will fall by another $100 billion or so, to $150 billion.The data […]

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