How to get a vehicle accident lawyer to investigate your car accident

A lawyer can use your vehicle accident to get you a compensation payout, or, if you’re a disabled veteran, get you more money to help cover medical expenses.Lawyers in New York and California can also get a car accident lawyer’s attention for a wrongful death lawsuit.And in New Hampshire, a car accidents lawyer can work […]

Porsches auction off antique cars at auction

The porsche automobiles auction off in the Auburn Hills community are the work of Henry J. Bernstein and the family of the late J. Paul Getty.The cars are worth about $3.8 million, and the auction has been a great success for the auction house.The auction will end on Friday with the sale of the car […]

When the car crash death toll exceeds 100,000

The death toll from a car crash in France has reached 100,004, the French government said on Tuesday, after a total of 4,633 people died and 1,873 were injured in the crash.France has recorded more than 100,00 deaths in road accidents each year since the introduction of traffic safety rules in 2012.In recent years, there […]

Chrysler to loan $7.4B to Michigan auto industry

Chrysler plans to pay $7 billion to the state of Michigan to build new cars, trucks and SUVs in the state.The Michigan Department of Economic Development (MEDD) is expected to announce the loans Wednesday, a news release from the state said.The loans will pay for approximately 1,500 jobs and more than $9 billion in investments […]

Which auto company is best for the elderly?

Automakers are coming under fire for the prices they charge their elderly customers.In the last year, there has been a wave of protests, lawsuits and bankruptcies by elderly and disabled customers.In an attempt to avoid lawsuits, some companies are using automated checkout machines to help elderly customers make payment choices, according to the Consumerist.The idea […]

How to Get Rid of Your Car in 15 Minutes

The automotive definition has evolved into something quite different, but it still remains a fundamental element in everyday life.With the advent of smart cars, people have to make decisions about where and how they want to drive.With a vehicle as important as a car, and with the number of cars on the road so big, […]

Car owner says ‘I don’t understand’ why a new car’s licence plate has been given a green light

Posted October 01, 2018 09:18:08 A car owner who claims his car has been stolen is calling for a police investigation after a new licence plate on his car was given a “green light”.The new licence plates have been issued by Transport Victoria after a man was caught driving a stolen car last year.But a […]

How to deal with the growing opioid crisis

The number of Americans who died from opioid overdoses has skyrocketed in the past decade, and lawmakers are grappling with how to handle the problem, with a growing number of states enacting laws that could make it harder for people to get the drug.As of January 1, there were 5,929 opioid-related deaths nationwide, according to […]

How to avoid getting hit by a car at 80 mph with a steering wheel and brake pedal

There are some things you should know before you go out and buy an SUV, like whether it has a steering system or a brake pedal, a seatbelt or a front seat, and how many seats are in it.It’s worth looking into these topics before you decide to buy.Here are some questions to ask when […]

Ford’s Royal Automobile Club makes the royal car it’s wanted

The Royal Automotive Club is a private club that owns and operates some of the world’s most iconic automobiles.The group has made some of its own.The company has its own brand and has made its own body and bodywork, as well as its own name and logo.But its current production line is owned by Ford, […]

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