Why your car’s warranty is only for 12 months?

An auto repair shop might be happy to offer you a 12-month extension on the car you’re buying, but if you’re on a fixed-term or limited warranty it might be better to check if your warranty is valid.A car warranty is often an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty, but some warranties are longer than others, […]

What you need to know about the new car-towing law

The New York Times reported that a New Jersey company is testing the new “vehicle-towing services” technology that will allow passengers to tow their vehicles from their parking spots to their homes.The company, AutoTruckers, plans to introduce the technology in a fleet of 1,000 vehicles over the next few years.New York state is one of […]

How to Get a Better Deal with the Auto Transport Service?

The most basic step you can take to save money on car transport services is to check your rates with your car transport company.If you’re not sure what your rates are, call your local car transport agent to check.You can also check your insurance rates with the auto transport company or, if you don’t have […]

How to get rid of ‘Garage’ Automobiles

Cars are one of the oldest and most popular types of vehicles in the world.Over the past few decades, the car industry has expanded dramatically, and today, it is used by an average of nearly 2.5 million people worldwide.However, as the automobile age continues, so do the costs associated with the upkeep of the cars, […]

How to avoid a fatal car accident: How to know when you’re in the car pool

Flashing a light blue light in your car could be a signal to other cars around you that you’re OK, according to a new study.The researchers say the flashing light could also alert people who might not have been paying attention, such as pedestrians or cyclists.They found that people who were driving their cars when […]

Why is everyone on Auto insurance paying out of pocket for their car insurance?

When you’re going through the hassle of buying your own car insurance, you’re often faced with the same questions that everyone else is faced with: “Is it worth it?”, “How much will it cost?”, “Will I be able to drive my car to work?”.The same questions apply when you’re looking to get your insurance deductible […]

A rare and beautiful antique radio, a ‘fairytale’ of an auto

A rare vintage auto radio, and a “fairytales” of an antique car have captivated the public for decades.The “T” on the radio has a magical effect on the listeners and a radio listener.The T has been called the “Radio T.”In 1876, the Radio T was introduced to the United States.This is a rare vintage radio […]

Why cars have differentials in the front and back

A car’s differential is a way to help you drive more smoothly, so you can get more from your drive.But it’s a little more complicated than that.It’s all about how the differential is mounted to the body of the car.That’s where the differences in performance come from.There are four differentials: a front differential, a rear […]

The Best American Cars of All Time

On October 4, 1967, a young man named John Henry Ford was driving through the streets of Oakland, California.It was a Friday, so the sun was shining.The Ford Model T was a hot, fun, and affordable car, and people were buying them because they wanted to be able to drive in the sun.Henry Ford had […]

How to Find the Best Cars for Your Life

Saratoga Automobile Museum and Auto Emotion Lamp, Inc. are proud to announce the release of our 2016 Automotive Emotion Lights Guide.This comprehensive guide includes tips on choosing the right car for your life, tips on finding the right kind of lights for your home, and recommendations on finding a safe and reliable electric car to […]

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