How to spot a car with a defective airbag

An Irish company has identified a problem with a car’s airbag and has offered a solution: replace the airbags.The company, which sells airbag kits to car manufacturers and others, has raised about €1m in venture capital to develop a new, high-tech solution for the airbag system.“It’s a massive improvement on the current airbag that’s used […]

How to make your car look more like a 1960 Buick automobile

Buick’s new Buick Enclave will be the first vehicle to feature a rear-mounted rear spoiler.This has been a long-standing tradition for the brand and will be a major feature of the sedan.The Enclave has been available for the last few years as a plug-in hybrid, but the rear spoiler was only available on the new […]

More than 1,000 people dead, 1,200 injured in car crash in France

A vehicle has crashed into a residential street in southern France, killing at least 1,196 people and injuring more than 1.1 million others, the National Automobile Museum in the northeastern town of Aubervilliers said Thursday.The accident happened in the small town of Dusseldorf on Tuesday afternoon, the museum said.The French Foreign Ministry has said there […]

How to choose an automotive cover

Nissan’s electric car covers, Tesla’s premium sedan covers, and the Chevrolet Bolt EV covers are among the vehicles that are currently available for the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S. Nissan’s covers are designed to offer good protection and reflect the vehicle’s interior in terms of materials, including materials like carbon fiber and aluminum.Tesla’s covers […]

How to drive an Audi R8 with no steering wheel, pedals or pedals?

If you want to drive a luxury Audi R80 and you don’t have any steering wheels, pedals, pedals and pedals, that means you can’t actually drive it.That’s according to the folks at Audi’s own website.In a nutshell, Audi doesn’t have a standard, standard design for steering wheels or pedals.Instead, it relies on custom-designed parts to […]

Automobile Loan Calculator

California Automobile Association (CAA) has released a calculator that helps you compare your current auto loan to the interest rate on your new car.The calculator, created by Calzones Automotive Consulting, uses information from the state’s public records to give you an idea of how much you could save if you had a $1,000 down payment […]

How to find out what type of car your car is and how much you’ll pay for it

You’re in luck if you have a vehicle like the Fiat 500, Mazda3, or BMW X1, which all offer some type of auto insurance.All have a $15,000 deductible and some have an annualized rate of $30,000.You can check the rates for a particular car, including its auto-insurance coverage, using this calculator.The most recent year’s premium […]

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