Chevrolet unveils new luxury sedan for 2017 that goes all-electric

Buick and Cadillac announced today a new luxury car, the Cadillac Luxury, which goes all electric.The Luxury has a range of between 500 miles to 1,500 miles and will go on sale in the U.S. in spring of 2021.The car is expected to be priced at $36,000, which is about half of what the average […]

A unique way to express oneself at the car show

A unique opportunity to express yourself and express yourself, as you enter a new and exciting world of cars and brands, is now available to all who attend the Car Show.A series of events organised by Tata Motors will bring together an entire car show floor for one night, with a total of more than […]

What’s a car insurance company worth? – Automotive Insider

Posted March 01, 2018 11:29:40 The value of car insurance is often a bit of a mystery.It is hard to pin down exactly how much each company charges, as it varies by state, the type of vehicle and insurance policies, as well as the terms and conditions of the policy.The Australian Securities and Investments Commission […]

Why you should be driving your own car instead of buying one from the dealership

Auto insurance quotes can vary wildly depending on where you live.This article helps you decide whether you should consider buying an auto insurance quote from your own home, a business or a dealership.If you’re buying an insurance policy from a dealership, you’ll find the prices tend to be more expensive than what you pay for […]

When will we get to see the new Honda Civic?

When will our favorite car company get its new sedan?That’s the question at the center of a new investigation that could see Honda’s latest flagship car finally shown off for the first time.That would be the Honda Civic Type R, a new all-electric, sporty sedan launched last week that would be powered by a new […]

The Lad’s Guide to the City

The city of Schaumburg, California is the largest city in the United States.It’s home to the largest concentration of black people in the country, the largest Latino population in the US, the second largest African American population in America, and a third largest Asian population in North America.The city is also home to more than […]

Tesla’s newest home is a home for people to live, work, and play

The Tesla home is not your average modern, two-story home.Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has dubbed the new home, “the home of the future.”It’s a massive two-storey home that measures a staggering 3,200 square feet.It will feature a spacious living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, garage, and more.The house will be home to up […]

What you need to know about auto finance calculator

The automotive finance calculator provides a quick and easy way to estimate your monthly payments.Find out if you need auto loans or car finance help.1.What’s auto finance?2.Who uses auto finance to finance their vehicles?3.How much does it cost?4.What are car finance options?5.How to pay off auto loans?6.How does auto finance work?1.Auto finance calculatorA simple online […]

When Tuning is Good For Your Car, Here’s What You Should Know

Tuning your car is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your car.You can tweak every aspect of it and it can all come back to you, so why not do it?Read on to find out how.Read more about car tuning:What you need to know about tuningYour car will be tuned differently […]

What to know about Porsche’s ‘truly beautiful’ ‘Tribute’ to ‘Hillman’ in new video

Porsche has released a new video to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary.The video features a rare glimpse inside the company offices and showcases the company cars, trucks and even the famous ‘Porsche ‘Trop’ – which the company says is the most famous car in the world.Here’s what to watch:Porsche has also released a series of […]

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