‘Frozen’ sequel set for release in 2017, sequel ‘Fury’ to follow at Walt Disney World resort

The sequel to Disney’s “Frozen” has been confirmed for release at Walt Disneyland Resort this year, a source told TheWrap.Sources say that “Fury” will arrive in 2017 with a new villain, a new song, and a new storyline that will follow the story of Elsa and Anna as they attempt to find their place in […]

The first car accident in North America

It was a Saturday night in New York City, and a car that had been sitting at the corner of 42nd Street and Broadway was on fire.It was one of more than 200 fires across the country that started in mid-August, according to the National Fire Protection Association.The fires caused more than $8 billion in […]

The story of a classic car that’s still relevant today

A little more than three decades after the Ford Mustang became the symbol of American automotive innovation, a museum dedicated to its legacy has unveiled a new car in its place.In the video above, which was made by an employee at the Detroit Museum of Automotive, we see the Ford Explorer on display in its […]

How to spot the best vehicles for the cheapest price in your city

When it comes to buying an automobile, it’s important to understand what you’re getting.It’s not necessarily the most expensive car on the market.It can have the best or the worst features, or maybe even a little bit of everything.Here’s what you need to know about car sales in cities across the United States.1.How Much Does […]

German automaker Volkswagen says it will build 1.4 million electric cars by 2021

German automakers Volkswagen and Honda have announced a joint venture to build 1 million electric vehicles by 2021.The two companies are jointly developing the electric cars that would be produced under a “hybrid” technology, according to a press release from the two companies.The new cars would feature a combination of electric motors and electric powertrains, […]

How to get rid of unwanted or stolen car parts

The owner of an Audi R8, a car sold in the United States for $4.8 million, is looking to get it back, but first he needs to get some parts.On his blog, William Hartman said he’s looking to sell his old vehicle because of its parts.He said he wants to replace its rear window, seat, […]

Why do we need to use Lotus Automobile loan calculators?

We all know that if you’re not using your car or you’re using it to make a lot of money, then you need to make sure that you have the right financing to get the car or a lot more money.And, there’s a lot you can do to get more out of your loan.That’s why […]

American automobile storage facility will be converted into a solar facility

AUSTIN — AUSTINE COUNTY, Texas (AP) A storage facility at the University of Texas at Austin will be transformed into a large solar facility that could help meet a growing demand for solar energy.The solar installation will be the largest in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States.It was announced Thursday by the […]

How to fix a broken windshield: Why is it so hard?

The new cars are coming, but they’re going to need to be driven hard.In fact, that’s the biggest challenge facing the new generation of vehicles.So, how do we get our cars to work with these new technologies?The answer is a lot of tinkering and trial and error.So what are the key problems?The car industry is […]

How to build your own car

How to make your own electric car?That’s the question that’s popped up on the internet a lot lately, and it has to do with the automotive industry.There’s a huge amount of interest in electric cars these days, and many people are trying to build their own, even though it’s a long way from the original […]

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