What’s on the inside of a Volvo V70?

In this edition of the News.org.au Vehicle podcast, the podcast team sits down with Volvo Cars Australia president Andrew Walker and chief marketing officer Mark Beddington to learn more about the car company’s new V70 sedan, the company’s upcoming range of V80 and V90 models, and the future of Volvo.The podcast begins with a quick […]

How to make a $500,000 Ford Mustang by Henry Ford

Henry Ford invented the first automobile, the Ford Mustang, in 1901.The Ford Motor Company had already made several other automobiles in the US before this one.However, it took Ford and his engineers some time to create the Mustang.The first prototypes for the car were built at a Ford plant in Louisville, Kentucky, and the first […]

Tesla’s newest home is a home for people to live, work, and play

The Tesla home is not your average modern, two-story home.Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has dubbed the new home, “the home of the future.”It’s a massive two-storey home that measures a staggering 3,200 square feet.It will feature a spacious living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, garage, and more.The house will be home to up […]

New car museum to open in Melbourne’s east

Melbourne’s first automobile museum will open in 2017, in a former school building.The new facility, called Autobiography Museum, will showcase the work of Australian automotive pioneer and explorer Robert Ford.It will be open from April to October.It was announced in October that Mr Ford died at the age of 91.The Victorian Government said it would […]

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