Antique automobile radios are on sale

Antique automotive radios are being sold on eBay for $1,000, up from $600 earlier this year.A search on eBay found two sets of five-year-old Alpine radios, each with a $1K value.The sets come with two-year warranty.The sale is currently open for 90 days.In February, eBay sold a $2,000 Yamaha R1 for $3,600.An antique radio with […]

Porsches auction off antique cars at auction

The porsche automobiles auction off in the Auburn Hills community are the work of Henry J. Bernstein and the family of the late J. Paul Getty.The cars are worth about $3.8 million, and the auction has been a great success for the auction house.The auction will end on Friday with the sale of the car […]

How to Get Rid of Your Car in 15 Minutes

The automotive definition has evolved into something quite different, but it still remains a fundamental element in everyday life.With the advent of smart cars, people have to make decisions about where and how they want to drive.With a vehicle as important as a car, and with the number of cars on the road so big, […]

Ford’s Royal Automobile Club makes the royal car it’s wanted

The Royal Automotive Club is a private club that owns and operates some of the world’s most iconic automobiles.The group has made some of its own.The company has its own brand and has made its own body and bodywork, as well as its own name and logo.But its current production line is owned by Ford, […]

How to find a car shipping company in Australia

You’ve probably heard of car shipping companies, and even of car-shipping companies in Australia.But there are others, too, and they’re not always so easy to find.The list below is a bit of a mess.But if you’ve never been to Australia, it’s worth the trouble.Auto shipping companies and their services are often hidden from the public […]

Zimmer automaker to sell $7.2bn worth of vehicles, but no release date yet

Zimmer Automakers is planning to sell its cars and trucks business to its former rival, Subaru, according to the Wall Street Journal.The car maker will also acquire Subaru’s automotive shipping division.The move comes after Subaru reported a loss of $4.4bn in the first quarter of 2018, a significant drop from the $9bn in revenue it […]

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