Tucker: The Autonomous Truck Driver

The company that’s revolutionized trucking, Tucker, is about to do something no one else has done yet: automate driving.Tucker, which is now part of Ford, plans to test its truck driver system by the end of the year in a handful of locations.The trucks will then be delivered to customers and be driven back to […]

The next big thing in automotive recovery: How the car industry is reacting to the government’s bailout

The federal government has taken steps to boost auto recovery, including extending loan guarantees and extending the car loan lifecycle.But as governments across the country are facing financial challenges, carmakers are taking a wait-and-see approach to the bailout.In fact, one of the biggest issues for carmakers is the lack of clarity over when the government […]

Uber ‘stuck in the dark’ on whether to pull out of London

Uber is struggling to secure funding for a London launch of its self-driving car program, with investors reportedly unhappy over the company’s failure to secure regulatory approval for the technology.The company’s investors have been furious with the UK government’s failure so far to approve its autonomous vehicle technology for use in public spaces, and have […]

How a car dealer used his expertise to customize an automobile

The story of how a dealership custom built an automobile to its exact specifications can be told with the help of an engineer with automotive customization.The story of a German automaker is an extraordinary one, and one that will be told in this article.The automotive company started out as a small dealership in Germany in […]

Chrysler’s CarNation plans $1.3B in new investments to expand its U.S. manufacturing footprint

Chrysler announced on Thursday that it will spend $1 billion to expand the automotive nation of CarNation and invest $1,000 in new factories and research centers to boost the global footprint of the global carmaker.CarNation, which is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the world’s largest auto dealership network and operates in more than 200 countries.It […]

Why auto-rickshaw drivers should pay more for their fare

Why should auto-rickshaw drivers pay more when it comes to the fare?The government is yet to make a decision on whether the Rs 2,000-plus levy on auto-kickshaws will be implemented in the coming weeks.The auto-rider, who works in the auto industry in the state, said that his fare is Rs 500 per trip, while the […]

How to get your car into Israel

Vehicles that can carry passengers or cargo from one country to another can be operated by Israeli authorities as long as they meet a certain amount of requirements.According to regulations, the government can issue permits for foreign companies to operate on its roads, but the vehicles must have been built in Israel.Vehicles can also be […]

GM announces $1.2 billion deal with Ford

The Detroit Free Press /Associated Press Detroit Free Public Press /AP Detroit Free General Motors has announced a $1 billion deal to buy the auto magazine subscription service and a $3 billion deal for automotive magazine subscription site the Automobile Magazine.The deal was announced Tuesday by GM Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra at a news […]

‘Automatic’ eagles are a new family of eagles

The first eagles to be introduced to the Canadian eagle population have arrived in the country, but the population has yet to see the birds in their natural habitat.An estimated 100,000 eagles live in Canada, but only around 30,000 are native to the country.They are part of a group that have been in Canada for […]

When cars will be electric?

The car of the future is coming, and it’s going to be electric.That’s according to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, which is poised to be the first company in history to have an electric vehicle on the market.Tesla has released an announcement this morning detailing its plans to launch its Model 3 vehicle […]

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