Eranor, the first and only automotive GPS app, has launched an iOS app.

The app has been developed in collaboration with Apple. 

The app is called ‘Eris’ and the developer says it is “the only automotive app that has an iOS App of this type”. 

It has a few things going for it: It is free to download, it uses the Apple Maps API, the app has an impressive list of features including map orientation, location sharing and even auto GPS (which you can set up). 

You can also share your own locations with friends via a built-in “shared locations” feature. 

In addition to the app, Eranar has also built an official website for the app. 

We will get to that in a moment. 

So far, the app has not been released to the general public but there is already an iOS version available on the App Store for iPhone. 

You’ll need an iPhone to use it. 

There is also a Google Play version available for free. 

Eranar was developed by two Norwegian engineers, Eren Andrésson and Kristian Haugen, who have been working on the app for a while. 

Their team says they are “professionals in automotive GPS”. 

“Eranors purpose is to provide the best experience for the car owner, not the car itself.

The apps aim to make it easy to find the exact location of the car and the way back,” the developer notes. 

Here is the official Eranors webpage: