Melbourne’s first automobile museum will open in 2017, in a former school building.

The new facility, called Autobiography Museum, will showcase the work of Australian automotive pioneer and explorer Robert Ford.

It will be open from April to October.

It was announced in October that Mr Ford died at the age of 91.

The Victorian Government said it would spend $40 million to modernise the school and make the building available for public use.

The school, built in 1888, was built by the Victorian Government as a residential school for Aboriginal children, but it was sold to a company in the 1920s and was demolished.

Its previous owners, the Sydney-based Meech Corporation, had built a number of schools, including one for children of African heritage.

The building’s former owners sold the property to the National Heritage Council, which bought the property from the Victorian government in 2005.

The NHC said the new museum would be a hub for Australian and international automotive history.

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