From the humble compact to the big, this article will help you find the perfect car for commuting to work.1.

The car you want for the jobThe job is an online job.

You are a user and want to do it in a way that you enjoy.2.

The job will require you to drive a lot, so you need a car that’s reliable and has plenty of cargo capacity.3.

The type of commute you are looking for.

Is it to a work office, to a place where you can pick up or drop off items at a garage, or a place that you are regularly going to?4.

What you pay for it.

Do you pay extra to get the best-quality parts or do you go with the cheapest ones available?5.

The price of the car.

You will need to compare the cost of a used or used-for-sale vehicle, which will make the final decision on whether to buy it.6.

The availability of spare parts.

Are you buying new or used parts?

If you are buying new, you want the best ones available, while if you are getting a used vehicle, you can choose from any of the available options.7.

What kind of insurance coverage you have.

If you have no car insurance, this will determine the level of coverage available to you.8.

The fuel-economy of your car.

Do the cars you plan to drive have a range of fuel economy ratings, or are they all rated to the same standard?9.

Is the vehicle offered by a dealer, a local car dealership, or another vehicle-sharing service?10.

The amount of time you will need for each commute.

Are there any trips you want to make before you need to get home?

Do you want your commute to be a quick one or a long one?11.

The number of miles you will have to drive each day.

Are those miles worth the extra cost of fuel?

If not, will you be able to get by on less mileage?12.

If the job requires that you drive on a busy road, the commute will be long and uncomfortable.13.

The quality of the parts.

Is there a spare wheel, tire, and brake fluid available to spare your car?

Is there enough room for the parts to be properly installed?14.

Is your commute planned to be long?

Are you going to be driving from one city to the next?

If so, what is your route and destination?15.

If your commute is to a new location, you will want to be able the car to be repaired if necessary.16.

Do your parents or friends have a car?

Are they available to take your car to a nearby garage?17.

If they have, is the car available?18.

What type of parking you plan on having.

Are the spaces available for parking and for private vehicles?19.

Do parking garages offer free parking for residents?20.

Is any traffic on the route you are taking in.

Is this safe for pedestrians and cyclists?21.

Are all vehicles on the road at all times?

Is it safe to drive on busy roads with heavy traffic?22.

Is traffic backed up on your route?

Is the car able to avoid it?23.

Does your commute involve a lot of travelling?

Are there times when you will be on your own?24.

Does the job require you travel through multiple towns, cities, or villages?25.

Is a route you have planned to take in a certain area well-lit?

Are the sights or sounds of that area well lit?26.

Are any signs or markings to remind you of your route, including traffic lights?27.

Is all the area marked with a traffic light?28.

Do all the vehicles have turn signals and stop signs?

Are those signs and stop signals visible from the road?29.

Are stop lights visible from your route when you are making a turn?30.

Are traffic lights visible to the road when you have a stop sign in your hand?31.

Are vehicles parked in the area where you plan your route well-lighted?32.

Do pedestrians and bicyclists have a right to cross the road on your routes?33.

Are signs and signals for pedestrians or bicyclists visible when you make a turn on a traffic signal?34.

Do other people on your road have a responsibility to be aware of your turn?35.

Are they aware of traffic conditions on your turn, and do they have a duty to obey traffic lights and stop lights?36.

Are your route’s main roads, including major arteries, well-maintained?

Are you going in the direction of your commute?

If you can’t find a suitable car for the commute, here are some tips to consider:If you’re looking for a used car, you might be tempted to buy a used, used-only or used model.

While you might like them, they’re expensive and you