An Irish company has identified a problem with a car’s airbag and has offered a solution: replace the airbags.

The company, which sells airbag kits to car manufacturers and others, has raised about €1m in venture capital to develop a new, high-tech solution for the airbag system.

“It’s a massive improvement on the current airbag that’s used in the vehicles and it can detect whether the air bags are faulty or not,” said the company’s managing director, Shane O’Neill.

“We have a very good idea of where it’s going and what it’s designed for, so we can make the right decision and what we want to do is to put a new airbag on the car and replace it, and we will be very competitive with the competitors.”

We want to ensure that our products are made by people who are experts and we want them to be available at the right price, and so we’re going to have to develop something that is better than the current model.

“The company’s airbags, which it has tested on vehicles including a Nissan Leaf, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, have been found to have faulty parts that are difficult to replace.

In the case of the car’s two airbags that were not faulty, they failed to detect that the vehicle was moving, causing it to roll and cause the car to skid.

In a statement, Mr O’Neil said: “The new design uses a microchip which detects the presence of the air bag in the vehicle and the location of the failure, allowing us to take control of the issue quickly and effectively.”

Our airbags are a much safer product than the existing models and will reduce the number of accidents and injuries that are caused.”

He said the car was a “high-tech vehicle” that was designed for the UK market.

“The UK market is a very diverse market, but we have been very successful in selling to the UK, and the company is now working closely with the Government to make sure that the UK markets will benefit from this innovation,” he added.

“It is hoped that our product will also benefit from the fact that we are already a very competitive company in the UK.”

With the introduction of a new generation of airbags and a new way of making airbags it is now clear that the current car airbag design is outdated and needs to be replaced.

“This is an extremely competitive market and we hope that the introduction and continued availability of the new airbags will benefit the entire car industry and we are confident that the new product will be a big success.”

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