The most basic step you can take to save money on car transport services is to check your rates with your car transport company.

If you’re not sure what your rates are, call your local car transport agent to check.

You can also check your insurance rates with the auto transport company or, if you don’t have a car transport contract with a car transporter, check with the carrier directly.

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Auto transport companies offer two kinds of services: the basic and the extended service.

Basic services provide free transport to and from the airport.

Extended services are limited to the local airport and include overnight, weekly, and monthly transport.

In general, a basic service costs $20 per person, and a standard service costs an additional $15 per person.

A standard service is a longer-distance vehicle transport service that covers more than the cost of the basic service.

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If your car is a business or an individual, you can choose from a wide range of services, including: driving a car or a motorcycle; paying for car transport; and providing personal services.

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