The owner of an Audi R8, a car sold in the United States for $4.8 million, is looking to get it back, but first he needs to get some parts.

On his blog, William Hartman said he’s looking to sell his old vehicle because of its parts.

He said he wants to replace its rear window, seat, steering wheel, air bag, brake system, engine and more.

The Audi was stolen last November.

The owner said he bought it on a Craigslist ad in the summer of 2016, which is when he learned he’d be selling the vehicle.

He said he thought he’d just sell it on Craigslist for $1,200.

Instead, he got a check from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for $3,200 for the car.

Hartman said his car was in very good condition, with no obvious problems.

But when he took the car to an authorized dealer, he said it was stripped, with all the necessary parts missing.

He got the car back in April, when the owner contacted him with the news.

He told Hartman he’d like to get the car repaired or replaced.

Hartmann said he doesn’t want to sell the Audi because it’s too important to the car, but the car needs parts.

The Audi R-Type is among a group of vehicles that can be used as a means of transportation, but it’s not the most practical.

“I know there are other vehicles that are even more important to my life, like my wife’s car,” he said.

The car is still in good shape, Hartman told The Associated Press, and he’d love to see it go to someone who’s interested in restoring it.