Ford CEO Mark Fields will speak at a conference next week titled “The Next Big Technology Industry: How to Connect Automotive Transport Services.”

The event is being billed as the company’s annual “Ford Connected” conference and will feature keynote speaker Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Company, the company said in a statement.

The keynote address will be held Wednesday, Oct. 25 at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

Ford is partnering with the American Automotive Institute, the trade group representing the automotive industry, to host the event.

The conference is being hosted by Ford Motor Co. and the Institute, according to a statement on the institute’s website.

Ford will present the keynote address at the “FordConnected” event, according.

Ford is also working with Ford Innovation to host “Ford Enterprise Connected,” the company announced on its website.

The company said the “enthusiast” conference will include a panel discussion on the importance of shared transportation services in the future, a panel on “automotive transport services,” a panel of “carriers of choice” and a presentation on “connecting mobility services.”

Ford announced the “carrier of choice”: Ford.

The car carrier of choice is a “new model of transportation,” Fields said in his remarks, which the company says will address issues including “access, safety, and affordability.”

Ford will also present a special event for “future innovators, including the most creative and disruptive innovators of tomorrow.”