Tesla has become the world leader in electric vehicles, with sales of its Model S and Model X vehicles reaching more than $1 billion in the third quarter of 2018.

But the company faces many challenges to achieve its goal of becoming the world market leader in EVs.

For one, Tesla has a lot of work to do to achieve the milestone of becoming an automaker that has 100% of all cars on the road, says John Kraus, an analyst at Kelley Blue Book.

It is also unclear how well Tesla will compete with electric-vehicle makers like Nissan and Toyota, which also have large battery pack sales and electric cars, according to a recent report by Bloomberg.

Tesla has been struggling to compete with its bigger competitors, including Nissan and Nissan’s electric vehicle subsidiary, Tesla Motors, Kraus said.

With the exception of the Model X, the company’s vehicles are built primarily in Fremont, Calif.

And there is no Tesla dealer in San Francisco or Oakland.

Even so, Tesla is selling a large number of Model S, Model X and XC sedans, and it also has a network of electric service centers, which are designed to help customers make the transition from plug-in hybrid vehicles to electric cars.

The company has said it expects to sell more than 1 million Model S sedans and Model Y sedans in 2018.

But the challenge is to become the most popular electric car in the world, Krauss says.

“Tesla has to win the war against the big guys.

Tesla has to become more appealing to the masses.

Tesla needs to become better in sales and customer satisfaction,” Kraus says.

Tesla shares are up more than 27% this year and more than 11% since last October.

Kraus expects the stock to finish the year up about 5%.

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Chesney told “Good Morning America” on Monday that Tesla should “just go back to building the cars that people want, not reinventing the wheel.”

“Tesla is a company that’s built the car, not built the company,” Chesney said.

“Tesla is not a startup.

It’s not a car company.

It is a manufacturer.

It has the power to make cars that are good cars, not bad cars.”

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