Tallahasee, Fla.

— Lexus Motor Company Inc. plans to open a new luxury sedan store in Tallies town this summer, the company announced Wednesday.

The company is seeking community support to build the first car museum in the United States that celebrates luxury and features rare cars.

Lexus announced in April it would open its first vehicle museum in downtown Tallies, a suburb of Orlando, in late June.

The first store, which will feature an interactive learning environment, will open to the public in mid-July, the firm said.

The museum will include rare and contemporary cars from Lexus models and will be accessible to the general public.

The Tallies-based company’s plans for a car museum were first reported by local news outlets.

Lexis’ plans to build a luxury car museum have drawn controversy in Talles town.

Residents have complained about the lack of amenities, noise and traffic congestion.

The store’s opening comes as the auto industry struggles to attract and retain customers amid an economic downturn and a surge in the number of Americans choosing to retire.

Lexus shares closed down 4.7% to $38.30 in midday trading.