Volkswagen’s passenger cars are among the world’s most luxurious, but their fuel efficiency is limited.

Volkswagen is selling more than two million cars a year and it is the world leader in passenger car sales, but it has a big problem.

Volkswagen’s diesel cars, including the Beetle, Golf, Passat and Passat Sportwagen, are more fuel efficient than their gasoline counterparts.

Volkswagen sold more than 2.5 million diesel vehicles last year, but the company is struggling to maintain that lead.

In its latest annual report, Volkswagen showed that diesel sales are down slightly to 2.4 million.

This is the first year that diesel has been the top-selling car model.

Volkswagen will unveil its diesel cars in the United States in June and Europe in September.

Volkswagen shares rose 0.6% to $39.68 in morning trading on Thursday.