4 October 2014: In a move that has shocked both political parties, the leaders of the nationalist Irish Republicans have said they will not seek a seat in the next Irish Parliament.

The Nationalist party is now the largest party, but the Irish Conservatives, whose leader has been described as the most conservative party in the country, are still in the lead.

What happened?

On 8 November, the nationalist parties of both the Republic and Labour party signed a pact calling for a new, unified Irish Government.

The two parties are now expected to be in a strong position to form a new government if the parties do not form a government.

What has happened since?

Since their announcement, the nationalists have repeatedly claimed that their victory in the polls is not due to the support of other parties, but to the popularity of Mr Varadkar.

Mr Varadekar has been criticised for his lack of political experience and has also faced criticism for his controversial support for the European Union.

The nationalists have argued that the election will be an opportunity to unify the country and to push forward the country’s development.

What does it mean for the future of the Irish economy?

The Irish economy will likely see an economic boost if the country can keep its unemployment rate at around 6 per cent.

But if the economy is hit hard, there could be a damaging effect on the wider Irish economy.

Will this impact affect Ireland’s financial markets?

The economy will be affected by the referendum, but it is not likely to affect the countrys overall outlook.

In the long term, there is also a chance that the Irish Government will try to push through reforms to address the underlying problems.

Will the Irish people feel more connected to the Irish political system?

The referendum has highlighted a disconnect between the majority of Irish people and the political system.

But it is also important to remember that the referendum is not a referendum on the current political system and that the future is not clear.

What is happening in Ireland?

The last Irish General Election, which saw a majority of the voters in favour of independence, was in 2013.

It was the first election in more than a century in which the population voted on independence.