American automotive associations have called for the removal of a website listing their vehicle inspection service and have filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, according to the Associated Press.

The website, called Automotive Inspections, lists the names and addresses of a number of auto manufacturers.

The website also lists the inspection service providers and other details of the service.

“We do not have the power to stop any individual from making use of the website,” the Association of American Automobile Manufacturers (AAA) wrote in a letter to the FTC.

“The site contains information that is grossly misleading,” the letter said.

“The website includes information that many consumers may not be able to verify, including the names of the inspection services.

It also includes a section of misleading information, including incorrect information about the state of the industry, a report of an inspection, and information about safety features, including a list of recommended repairs.”

The AAA also cited other issues with the website, including “a failure to disclose the fees charged for the service and a lack of transparency.”

The American Automotive Association has been the subject of a major scandal in recent years.

The association has faced criticism for its practices of paying for a series of inspections of cars, including those by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a part of the US Department of Transportation.

The inspection companies have also been criticized for charging inflated prices for their services, including some for vehicles that were never inspected.

Last month, the association was fined $1.5m by the federal government for “defrauding consumers of billions of dollars” by misrepresenting the value of their vehicles.

The FTC investigation into the organisation also found that the organisation “provided inadequate and deceptive information” and did not disclose to consumers how it obtained data on the quality of inspection services provided by other manufacturers.