The Tesla electric cars that were once called “the future of cars” are “better than any other vehicle in the world” according to an automobile museum in California, according to a report published in the International Business Times (IBT).

The report claims that Tesla is the “first automobile company to truly realize its goal of a truly affordable car” and that the vehicles are “designed to be a catalyst for a new paradigm for transportation in the 21st century.”

The report further states that the Tesla vehicles are also better than any of the competitors in terms of safety, energy efficiency, cost, and safety record.

In a statement, Tesla said the article is “a transparent attempt to portray the company’s electric vehicles as a “better alternative” to the existing vehicles.”

The statement said Tesla is “working with a group of experts to review our future vehicle lineup and to present to regulators as soon as possible.”

The article was published on June 25 and it was posted on June 27.

The IBT said that the article was sourced from a Tesla Motors website, but it did not say where the article came from.

The Tesla company also said that they are working on new, more affordable vehicles that are also more fuel efficient, faster, and safer than the existing cars.

“We’ve made great strides over the past decade to make sure that our cars are the best in the industry and that they’re safer, more fuel-efficient, and more energy efficient than any previous vehicle we’ve made,” the company said in a statement to the IBT.

“We’re still working on the details, but we’re confident that we will be delivering even better cars for the market in the years to come.”