A car manufacturer says it’s now working on a car with a “tough, robust” front bumper and a “solid, strong” rear bumper.

The company said it’s the first of its kind in the US and will hit the road in 2019.

It’s the latest vehicle from the US manufacturer.

It makes a version of its popular Kia brand and is also building a version with a new, larger front bumper.

Its first model, the Kia Optima, was launched in April 2018.

The Kia Carrera Concept is the company’s next car.

It also unveiled its new Range Rover.

Both cars will have an automatic transmission and come with electric and hybrid powertrains.

It will also offer a range of electric and plug-in hybrid versions.

Kia has been developing the new models for about two years, and the company says it is now working with the US government to develop a road test programme.

It hopes to start selling its cars by 2021.

A car with more aggressive front bumper in 2018 Photo: Rohan Thomson/Reuters The Kias have been criticised for their aggressive front bumpers, which are often criticised for causing more damage to the car’s frame than other bumpers.

But they have proved popular with US consumers, with more than 200,000 sales of the vehicles.

The carmaker said it had a lot of feedback from customers about the cars’ appearance, design and safety features.

The latest Kias will be available in four colors, from black to red.

The front bumper will also be upgraded to a “super tough” bumper with a solid “toughened steel” construction.

A Kia model with an automatic gearbox Photo: AP Kia also revealed it has an “automatically shifting” automatic transmission that it says will be more robust than a manual transmission.

It is also working on the technology to let the driver manually shift the car with the wheel, something that has been standard in the UK and Germany.