India needs better road safety and a much tougher penalty for drunk drivers, according to a motorcycle safety expert.

In an article published in The Times Of India on Sunday, Prof. Sanjay Srivastava, former chairman of the Road Safety Research and Development Committee (RSDRC), said India should focus on improving road safety.

“It is the responsibility of the Government to ensure the safety of the citizens of India.

We must ensure that people are able to use the roads safely.

This requires the adoption of strict enforcement and penalty for offenders,” he said.RSDEC said it was necessary to make it clear that the road safety issue was not about reducing the number of accidents or driving behaviour.”

The issue is not about reduction of accidents but the deterioration of road safety by the imposition of stricter penalties,” Prof. Srivasta said.

He said it should also be made clear that if a motorcyclist is injured or killed, it should not be the responsibility on the state to pay compensation.

“If a motorist dies while driving drunk, it is the duty of the government to pay the medical costs of the deceased,” Prof Srivatta said.

“I hope that we will get a better road in India, but it is also a very important stepping stone in terms of developing a safer society,” he added.

A motorcycle safety study by RSDRC was commissioned in 2005 and concluded that in the absence of strong penalties for drunk driving, the country would have a rate of 2,500 deaths per annum.

India has witnessed a sharp rise in road accidents in recent years, particularly in the country’s most populated areas, particularly the capital, New Delhi.

In 2015, a total of 5,749 road accidents were reported in the capital alone.

The latest data suggests that road safety has been a growing issue in the Indian capital, with the number and frequency of fatal accidents having increased over the past five years.RSS has recorded a total road accidents of 5.3 lakh cases in the past year, up from 4.3 crore in 2015.