A number of new Chrysler vehicles are expected to receive auto maintenance this summer, but how do you do it? 

As it turns out, it’s not as easy as you might think. 

As reported by Jalopnik, Chrysler is planning to send a fleet of approximately 200 Chrysler cars to the International Automobile Parts Manufacturers Association in Indianapolis, Indiana this summer to get auto maintenance done. 

If you’re wondering what the hell a “chrysler” car is, it is basically an American vehicle manufactured by the automaker. 

According to Chrysler, the new Chrysler cars will receive a few things: New air conditioning system to control the heat, cool air, cool the tires, and keep the air flowing smoothly. 

New brakes, suspension, and suspension electronics. 

Power steering, which will allow drivers to change gears to avoid lock-up and maintain balance. 

The new Chrysler models will also get new windows and new doors. 

In addition to getting new air conditioning and cooling systems, the vehicles will receive some sort of power steering system to help drivers steer. 

Chrysler says that these new vehicles will also be able to go out on a date-by-date basis and get their engine, transmission, and other mechanical parts replaced. 

These new vehicles won’t be available to the public, but you can still get them if you want them. 

This is all happening at a time when auto maintenance is getting a lot of attention. 

We’re sure that some of you are looking forward to getting your new Dodge Charger, Jeep Grand Cherokee, or Buick Grand Cherokee and are excited about the fact that the company is putting out an advert that has a “Get The Car” ad. 

You can find it on YouTube. 

Thanks to Jalopix for the tip.