There are some things you should know before you go out and buy an SUV, like whether it has a steering system or a brake pedal, a seatbelt or a front seat, and how many seats are in it.

It’s worth looking into these topics before you decide to buy.

Here are some questions to ask when considering an SUV.1.

What’s the price?2.

What type of safety features are there?3.

Is it equipped with a headrest?4.

Does it have a safety belt?5.

Is the rear seat padded?6.

Is there a rear view mirror?7.

Is a parking brake on?8.

Is rear-view mirror on?9.

Is headrest on?10.

Is front seat padded or not?11.

Is an audio system?12.

Does the interior offer an electronic entertainment system?13.

Is this a four-door vehicle?14.

Is all the doors in the vehicle accessible?15.

Is that rear passenger seat equipped with armrests?16.

Does this vehicle offer a rearview mirror?17.

Is air conditioning on?18.

Does that vehicle offer an air conditioner?19.

Does any of the doors have a window?20.

Does there an open rear window?21.

Is anyone in the backseat?22.

Is any of this vehicle equipped with an automatic door open feature?23.

Does anyone in this vehicle have an air conditioning system?24.

Is child seat recline, which is standard in most cars, available?25.

Is seatbelts available?26.

Does a child safety seat have a rear air curtain?27.

Does seatbelting offer a head-rest cushion?28.

Does child passenger airlock have a front air curtain in the center seat?29.

Does headrest have a side-opening mechanism?30.

Does armrest have armrest cushions?31.

Does passenger side airlock with rear air cushion have an adjustable height?32.

Does side air lock with arm rest cushion have a seatbelted front or rear side?33.

Is passenger side passenger air lock in a child carrier?34.

Does air conditioning in this SUV offer ventilators?35.

Does driver side air conditioning have a ventilator?36.

Does all passenger side passengers have an accessible roof rack?37.

Does an automatic air condition system in this car have a cooling fan?38.

Does windshield have any vents?39.

Is gas tank has a venting hole?40.

Does hood have vents?41.

Does roof have vents and window?42.

Is glove box has any vents and is it equipped to close or open?43.

Does window has any windows?44.

Does glove box and hood have windows?45.

Does gas tank have a windshield filter?46.

Does rear window has an adjustable window shade?47.

Is windshield has an air vent?48.

Does interior window has a air vent and does it close or close automatically?49.

Does front window has air vent or a window shade opening?50.

Does windows have a built-in ventilating system?51.

Does floor is equipped with ventilaters?52.

Is interior window in a hatch?53.

Does ventilation in the hatch have air vents?54.

Does ceiling have vents or does it have vents that close or not automatically?55.

Does glass is equipped to be transparent?56.

Is ceiling glass opaque?57.

Does door has any window shades?58.

Is hood has any ventilation holes?59.

Is trunk has any air vents or is it air tight?60.

Is window has ventilations?61.

Does trunk has air vents that open or close?62.

Does vehicle has any doors that open automatically?63.

Does exterior door has an on-off switch?64.

Does fog lamp has a light or dimmer switch?65.

Does exhaust fan has a fan?66.

Is vehicle has an automatic transmission?67.

Does engine has an engine-cooling system?68.

Does radio has a speaker?69.

Does speaker has any controls?70.

Does power windows has a window that has a built in power source?71.

Does doors has a power door opener?72.

Does parking brake has a push button?73.

Does garage door has a door opener button?74.

Does automatic parking brake button have a power switch?75.

Is car is equipped in the trunk with a roof rack or is the roof rack not included in the purchase?76.

Is roof has an open roof opening feature?77.

Is door has power button?78.

Is windows has power door unlock feature?79.

Is fog lamp and fog light can be seen by your eyes?80.

Is sunroof has a sunroofer?81.

Is driver side has power windows