Chery Automotive’s parent company, Chery Group, announced the firing of the head of its automotive operations, John E. Hagan, following a tumultuous few months.

The company said Tuesday that Hagan will not return to the company in the coming weeks.

The news was announced Tuesday during a joint press conference with General Motors and General Motors Alliance.

Chery was founded in 1999 by former Chery executives and now employs about 2,000 people worldwide.

Hagen joined Chery in 2001.

The announcement came after a week of protests by union organizers and members of the media that have focused on the company’s treatment of workers and its lack of transparency.

Cherys chief executive officer, Robert W. Cheryer, said in a statement Tuesday that he had learned of the resignation Tuesday from his longtime friend and colleague, General Motors CEO Mary Barra.

Cherier said that he appreciated Hagan’s “depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.”

Chery’s statement said that Hagen has been a part of Chery for more than 20 years, “a passionate and dedicated member of our team.”

Cherys decision comes at a time when the automaker has been in the news after the deaths of at least two workers, and after a federal investigation into its treatment of former workers.

The two deaths occurred after Chery closed its Chevy dealer in Arizona and later moved the operation to Texas, where workers were being paid a below-market wage.

The automaker said Tuesday it was considering an independent investigation of its hiring practices, and that it was cooperating with the Department of Labor’s Civil Rights Division.

Cherie is the largest car dealer in the country.

Hahn said in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday that it would be the company “who will continue to drive the company forward.”

He also said that Chery has “a great respect for our company’s values and the people we serve, including our suppliers and employees.”

Cherish is the brand name of Cherys premium, long-lasting tires.

Cherish was one of the brands that Cherys founder, former CEO and chairman, John Chery, helped establish as part of the automakers commitment to improving quality, safety and quality of life in the U.S. In the past decade, the company has built a reputation for being a leader in vehicle and tire manufacturing.

In addition to Chery Auto, Cherys vehicle brand includes the Chery® and Chery+ brands of premium, hard-shell tires.

In 2011, Cheries parent company Chery International was founded, which became Chery Motors, which is now Chery Inc. Cherry has also been a major supplier of luxury and luxury brands to automakers, such as Ford, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Lexus and Volvo.

Cheries chief executive has been the target of protests, including a call for his resignation in April.

In July, a labor union representing Chery employees in Arizona called for the firing or firing of Cherie CEO John Cheryer.

The workers called for Hagan to be fired and the company to be renamed to Cherys name.

The call was carried live on social media and has been shared more than 1,600 times on Facebook.

“It is outrageous and unjust that Cheries top leaders are being treated like criminals and being dismissed in the blink of an eye,” said Mark F. Johnson, who represents several workers at Chery.

“Cherys leaders have been shown to be totally incompetent and incompetent when it comes to working with suppliers, but Cherys top leaders have not held the workers accountable for what they did,” Johnson said.

“In the end, I believe the public deserves a clear-eyed view of what’s really going on here.

It is a disgrace for Cherys management to keep John Cherys job,” he added.

In April, a federal worker complaint was filed with the U,S.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The complaint alleged that workers at two Chery dealers were not treated fairly.

It also alleged that Cherymans sales team had a policy of making up numbers and disregarding safety protocols.

Cherymos top executive, John Hagan is a former Cherys president and is a member of the board of Cherymys parent company.

Cherypower is a brand name for a soft rubber tire, a product Cherys is currently in the process of producing.

Cherygower has been Cherys most trusted brand for decades, and is known for its durability and long-term reliability.

Cheryr is a name of two Cherys tires, and the first was developed in the 1940s.

It was a top-selling brand in the United States from 1957 to 1994, when the company merged with its parent company to become Chery American.

In 1996, Cheryr was sold to General Motors, where it is now part of GM’s Global Brands division.

In 2016, Cherygowers first brand, Cherypowers, was discontinued.

A third brand, General Cher