With the rise of hybrid cars and self-driving cars, many people have been wondering whether auto insurance is a good idea.

And according to a new survey by AutoInsuranceGuide.com, the answer is definitely yes.

The survey found that more than half of drivers polled said they would pay a premium for car insurance, even if they never buy a car.

The highest percentage of premium drivers surveyed said they’d buy a full auto insurance policy, while only 8 percent of the lowest-polling drivers said they wouldn’t.

That’s according to the survey’s data, which were gathered by the insurance brokerage firm of the same name.

It’s a sign that people are taking their insurance seriously.

It also indicates that some people are choosing to buy insurance at all, rather than relying on the lower-cost coverage offered by the private sector.

The poll also found that many drivers said that they would never consider using a car insurance policy on a vehicle that’s fully autonomous.

The data also showed that drivers who were surveyed in 2016 said that their most important factor in choosing auto insurance was the fact that it covers their accident and property claims.

For those drivers, the most important reason for buying auto insurance in 2016 was the coverage they’d get in case of a collision.

That said, many of the survey participants were also unsure about whether they would be willing to pay a higher premium if they were willing to use their own vehicle for travel or in the event of a disaster.

Some drivers also questioned the fact they would have to pay extra for liability insurance, since they wouldn´t have to get a lawyer to help them if they don´t want to pay.

The Insurance Industry Group estimates that about 60 percent of drivers who took the survey in 2016 will do so again in 2020, when they will be asked to choose their auto insurance.