A report by Ford Motor Company has revealed how many cars that are available in Canada can be purchased with a credit card, which means that there are more than 200 million Ford automobiles on the road today.

It’s a significant number for a country that’s a net exporter of vehicles, with almost two million imported cars and one million sold.

Ford estimates that more than 40 per cent of the vehicles available in the country are Ford cars.

However, that number doesn’t include the cars that Ford is selling directly to consumers through Ford Dealers.

The company says it’s only selling cars that it is selling direct to consumers.

Ford Dealer Credit Card program The program allows Ford dealerships to rent up to 25 Ford cars at a time, allowing Ford to make money from each car.

For instance, a Ford dealer could rent a Ford Fiesta from Ford Dealings and sell it to a customer for $6,500.

The customer would then get the car back for $1,000.

This is the same method that many auto companies use to rent cars.

The Ford Dealership Credit Card Program is designed to allow Ford dealers to make extra money off the rental of vehicles.

In this case, it’s not just Ford, but other automakers as well.

In 2017, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NAAD) said it has seen a significant increase in the number of Ford dealers that are renting cars.

Ford also says it has rented about 70,000 Ford vehicles in the past year.

A spokesperson for Ford says the program is a “key element” of Ford’s strategy to become a global leader in auto sales and marketing.

The spokesperson says Ford is proud to be a “global leader” in vehicle leasing and rental, and that it does not limit our ability to expand our business to other countries.

Ford Dealors can rent cars with a Visa or MasterCard card.