Dukes Motorsports Museum officially opened its doors this past weekend, the city’s second-largest motorcycle dealership, as part of its ongoing dedication to community outreach.

The dealership, located at 1711 Washington St., was named in honor of the late Washingon Dukes, who owned the dealership and was one of the most prominent owners of the sport bikes in the United States during the mid-1930s and early 1940s.

Washington was also known as “Dukes City,” named for the Dukes family’s estate on the city of Dukes.

The Dukes Museum’s first exhibit was a full-size replica of the Duke Motorcycle, a motorcycle that featured a red-and-white paint scheme and was painted in the colors of Duke and Dukes Racing.

The replica is the largest motorcycle ever created in the world.

The museum also showcased an exhibit called “The Making of the Motorcycle,” which showed how Dukes designed and built the bikes that raced in the 1930s and 1940s, including his legendary Dukes Race Bike.

The exhibition also showed a replica of Duchys Dukes Roadster, the motorcycle he raced in World War II.

It’s one of Dukys oldest motorcycles, dating to the 1930’s and the first Dukes-built roadster to appear on the U.S. racing circuit.

It was one the first roadsters ever to be sold on the street.

The second-hand motorized roadster is one of many unique vintage Dukes vehicles, including the famous Dukes and Duke Racing bike that he raced for Dukes in 1940.

The show also featured a Dukes Model B and a Duke Racer model.

The first two exhibits were free to the public and included an extensive list of motorcycles.

The second exhibit featured an extensive collection of Duhys vintage motorcycles, as well as a collection of the company’s historic race bikes and racing equipment.

The Dukes museum also offered a unique tour of the shop, where visitors could experience how the company produced its motorcycles.