Uber is struggling to secure funding for a London launch of its self-driving car program, with investors reportedly unhappy over the company’s failure to secure regulatory approval for the technology.

The company’s investors have been furious with the UK government’s failure so far to approve its autonomous vehicle technology for use in public spaces, and have asked the company to clarify its position on the issue.

Uber’s venture capital arm is reportedly seeking funding from investors, but its investors are worried the company has not fully secured the necessary funding to move forward.

Uber says its car has been testing at its new London testing facility, but only a small percentage of the vehicles have been tested so far.

Uber says its fleet of vehicles is up to 100 vehicles, and says its vehicle deployment plan has now been completed, but Uber’s announcement that it is seeking investment from its venture capital partners has raised eyebrows among some investors.

Uber has previously stated that its self driving car program will have no impact on London’s road congestion, and that it will not disrupt the city’s commute by creating a new, automated vehicle.

Uber is not the only car company to experience problems with obtaining regulatory approval to test its self driven vehicle technology in London.

The British government is currently investigating the possible introduction of self driving cars in public places, with a decision expected to be made within the next few months.

Uber announced on Monday that it had obtained the UK’s National Grid’s permission to test self driving technology on a new fleet of self-driven vehicles.

In a statement, the company said it is “committed to a robust and safe testing program.”