Why should auto-rickshaw drivers pay more when it comes to the fare?

The government is yet to make a decision on whether the Rs 2,000-plus levy on auto-kickshaws will be implemented in the coming weeks.

The auto-rider, who works in the auto industry in the state, said that his fare is Rs 500 per trip, while the auto-pilot driver gets Rs 1,200 for a daily ride.

“The driver earns Rs 2.25 lakh a month, and I earn Rs 1.5 lakh a day,” said the auto driver.

The government has also decided to scrap the new excise duty on petrol and diesel in the wake of a nationwide surge in pollution.

It is also expected to raise the tax on diesel from 18% to 30% on diesel vehicles, and diesel from 15% to 20%.

The diesel excise duty has been levied on petrol vehicles since June 1.

“My daily fare is about Rs 50, and my auto-kidneys, I get Rs 1 lakh.

We are earning about Rs 1 crore per month,” he said.

The other auto-drivers have been wondering why the auto rickshaw levy is not being imposed.

“They (the government) have announced that they will impose the levy.

But why should we pay more?

The auto-driver has been asking us for months.

I think we should pay as much as the auto pilot driver,” said a driver who did not want to be named.

The Centre is likely to hike the tax rate for auto-owners on diesel and petrol vehicles from 25% to 50%, and also increase the tax payable for diesel vehicles from 18.5% to 24%.

The hike will come into effect from April 15.