Australian car giant may have had to pay a whopping $2.8 million to a woman who was left paralysed after a bizarre collision in 2012.

Car-maker Maybach Automotive, based in Queensland, had a number of accidents in the last two years that left two people paralysed, including one of the most expensive to date.

“I think it’s the worst,” Ms Gartrell said.

“When I saw her she was literally on the ground, there was blood everywhere, and the floor was stained red.”

She had no mobility, she couldn’t walk and was just barely able to get out of the car.

“Ms Gartrel said her sister was so shaken that she refused to speak to anyone about the incident.”

There was no way she was going to talk about it, so she just said she didn’t want to get involved, so I just got out of there,” she said.

After the incident, Ms Gertrell said the carmaker began investigating whether or not it was the driver of the van that was responsible.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) found the car maker had been negligent, but Ms Gistrell said there were other factors that might have contributed to the crash, including faulty wiring and faulty seat belts.”

They did a thorough investigation and found the wiring was not the problem, the seat belts weren’t the problem,” Ms Crennan said.

But Ms Cretan said there was no evidence that Maybach should be fined, despite its responsibility to safety.”

If it wasn’t the fault of the driver, I would be very concerned,” she told ABC News Breakfast.”

We can’t allow people to be put off from purchasing a car, they have to make a choice about whether or the car is right for them.

“Ms Cretanc says the company is now working with Ms Gretrell to resolve her issue.”

What I would like is that they are looking into this as well as the people involved in the accident,” she added.

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