Posted September 17, 2018 04:19:15 BMWs aren’t cheap, and if you’re a young couple in the market for a new car, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever be able to afford one.

If you’re one of those young couple, and you want a BMW but don’t want to wait for the price tag to hit $70,000, here’s a list of the cheapest and most affordable BMWs on the market today.

Read moreThe cheapest BMW on the road today:The cheapest and cheapest BMW available today.

The best and cheapest of the best on the planet.

Buick LeMans Buicks are one of the most common choices for young couples who want a vehicle that offers a lot of options, but that can be quite pricey.

But the Buick LeMarans are a new entry for Buick and they’re the most affordable entry in the family of Buicks, priced at $28,995.

When you consider that the LeMens are the only Buick that offers an all-wheel drive system, you can get a much better bang for your buck than a traditional BMW or Mercedes.

And if you do want a full-size Buick, Buick offers the cheapest options with the LeMaras at $33,695.

In fact, if you don’t have a Buick but still want a good looking car with a lot to offer, you might consider the BMW 325i.

A BMW 325.

It’s a lot cheaper than a Mercedes or a Buicks.

Besky BMW 325 convertible.

For $24,995, the BMW 350is the cheapest Buick convertible on the lot.

This is a BMW 335i convertible. 

Besker BMW 335 convertible.

For $28.495, the 335i Convertible is the cheapest convertible on offer.

I love the 350i. 

The BMW 350i convertible is the second-lowest priced convertible on this list.

You can also consider the Mercedes-Benz SL500. 

It’s available for $29,595 and is the first Mercedes-Bentley convertible on our list. 

If you don.t want a Mercedes, you’ll need a BMW, but the BMW SL500 is the most economical option.

BMW 335i convertible. 

(Via BumperNation) Buying a new Buick isn’t all about the car, though.

You also need to consider the lifestyle.

While Buicks tend to be spacious, the interior is not.

Buick also has a few drawbacks: The interior is cramped and you can only have one person in the car.

Buicks are also difficult to park because of their low roofline.

One drawback to Buicks is the fact that you can’t upgrade to a higher trim level with Buicks; instead, you have to wait until the next generation of Buick comes out.

Even so, Buicks can be a nice addition to any family.

These Buicks go for $27,495.

They’re a bit on the pricier side, but they offer a lot more options than a standard Buick.

How much would a Buicker cost you?

Buick has three models for $28K: The first is the $28k version, which comes with the standard Buicks seats, a roof rack, and two seats in the front.

It has a lower price tag than the $38K, which features a standard roof rack and two additional seats in front.

 The second is the B-Class, which has a $35K base price with a larger roof rack for $26K.

It also comes with a roof-mounted trunk lid and a rear view camera.

That last option is a nice option if you have children.

Buics are also affordable if you want to add a second child.

All Buicks will cost you around $36K.

To find out more about Buicks and other BMWs, visit the BMWs page on Buick’s website.