A new car park in Glasgow has been dubbed the “most beautiful car park on earth” because it allows electric vehicles to drive on sunny days.

The park, built in partnership between Nissan, Rolls-Royce and a Scottish company, was designed by the UK-based company MSP to “enable the Nissan LEAF to take advantage of Scotland’s beautiful green spaces”, according to its website.

“This park has been built with a view to improving the environmental performance of the environment and is designed to provide an environmentally friendly solution for those looking to buy or lease an electric vehicle,” it says.

“The park also incorporates a large parking area and an electric power train.”

These features make this park a truly beautiful car parking place and have enabled Nissan LEAVE to take a step further and be the first electric vehicle to park on sunny Scottish days.

“The park has become the first such electric vehicle parking facility in Scotland.

The facility, called “Lanark”, is the result of an international collaboration between Nissan and the Scottish Government to provide a green car park that will help “create a new green economy for Scotland and UK”.

It is set to open in the city centre in October.”

Lanarks is the world’s first electric car park with the capacity to park 1,000 vehicles,” the company said in a statement.”

To date, only three car parks have been built in Scotland: in the Highlands and the West, and in Glasgow.

“It’s a testament to the UK Government’s commitment to developing a greener, more sustainable future for the UK.”

Today, Scotland’s electric car fleet is one of the fastest growing in the world, with over 3,000 electric vehicles in service.

“Renewable energy and climate change are a major challenge for our economy and environment, and the Lanarks facility will make it easier for people to get their vehicles and the environment back on track.”

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