Honda is going to change the way it presents the car it manufactures and sell in 2018, a move that could affect how consumers think about the brand’s car insurance policy.

According to a memo sent to dealers and auto insurers by Honda, “Honda will not market the Honda Accord with an annual policy for a premium of $7,500 or higher.”

Instead, the automaker will instead use a different metric called “affordable.”

It’s not clear what that metric means.

That metric has not yet been defined.

But the new language will make it harder for people to figure out how much they will pay for a policy under the new policy.

The automaker has long offered a one-year policy that costs $7.75 per month for a new vehicle.

Honda is expected to drop the annual rate by a penny to $5,000 per vehicle.

That change is expected for a 2018 model.

But Honda will still sell a Honda Accord, which has a one year policy at $9,995, as well as an SUV.

The Accord has been one of Honda’s most popular cars and the SUV will be sold starting in 2019.

But a change in the way the company offers the policy will also affect how it is advertised.

Previously, the Accord featured a slogan that said the policy would “help you pay down your credit card debt faster.”

The new slogan now says that Honda will help you pay your credit-card debt faster, and “you’ll be able to drive for less than you’d like.”

Honda has not released an updated version of the 2018 Accord website or an updated Honda website.

The company said it had updated its advertising for the 2018 Honda Accord to better explain the new affordable policy and the new “one-year plan.”

“We have always offered a car that is affordable, but that was a different kind of affordable car,” Honda’s general manager for North America, Michael F. Pritchard, said in a phone interview.

“Now, we are going to say, ‘You can afford the car.'”

The change could have an impact on the Honda brand.

Honda has had trouble attracting consumers to its vehicles because they are too expensive, said Michael M. Smith, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book.

But for the most part, consumers have already paid for the cars.

And a few of the newer Honda models are among the most popular vehicles in the U.S., so the company may not have much trouble attracting customers to its existing models.

The 2018 Honda Civic has been a popular choice for consumers who are looking for a compact SUV, especially in the market for smaller cars.

Honda says that it will continue to sell the Civic with an optional, one-tonneau fuel tank.

But Pritfaller said it was difficult for the company to sell a two-tonne fuel tank in the car because it is not as common in the marketplace.

“I don’t think the company has any real strategy to change,” he said.

“This is a very traditional, very mainstream car, so the marketing and the advertising is very good.

And it has a lot of appeal.”

While the policy change may not affect the cost of a new Accord, it could be a blow to a brand that has long had trouble staying relevant.

It has long been a target for carmakers to make money selling high-end sports cars.

But the brand has struggled to attract customers to the more affordable Civic.