The Australian Bureau of Statistics has launched a new website which shows how to build an old-fashioned ‘bazzooka’.

The website shows you how to construct a ‘Bazookah’ car, a toy made from scrap metal.

The site features photos of cars like the Porsche 911 Carrera GT, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo and Rolls-Royce Phantom.

There are also some details on how to make the car work with a motor.

The Bazzookah car has been in the works for several years and it is set to be released in the spring.

The new website comes with a number of different models of the Bazzokah.

The car pictured on the website has a 3.6-litre engine and weighs just 1,000 kilograms.

There is also a car made by the company called the ‘Bazzookan’ which is just as old fashioned and can be made from any type of scrap metal and can hold a payload of just 100 kilograms.

It has a top speed of 200 kilometres an hour and can go from 0 to 100 kilometres an inch in just three seconds.

It is available in a range of colours and is built for sale.

The website also shows how the BAZOOKAH can be upgraded to a ‘Speedster’ which has a four-cylinder engine and a top top speed around 240 kilometres an hours.

The ‘BAZOOKA’ is a very old car and it will be on display at the Australian Museum from March 28 to May 12.

It can be bought from the Australian Automobile Museum for $500.

There will be a range price for the car, which is $2,500.

This is the first time the Bazookan has been released.

It was released in 2011.

This photo shows the ‘brazooka car’ at the Queensland Museum of Science and Industry in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

The Australian Automotive Museum in Townsland is showing the ‘cobra’ model of the ‘Cobra’, a replica of a Japanese motorcycle that was used to test out the car’s suspension.

The Cobra, as it is called, is made from the same material as the BZ-1, a car that was produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

It’s designed to withstand rough roads, heavy loads and crashes.

There were also plans to make a ‘Tornado’ version of the car which would be powered by a 4-cylindered engine.

The company behind the vehicle, BZ Technologies, has been developing the car since 2007.

The cars can be used for street racing and military applications.

A number of people have been making the cars in Australia.

A few years ago, a group of people from Sydney built a BAZOKE car from a pair of old ‘truck bed’ cars from the 1960s.

It took them just three months to build the vehicle.

The latest version of BAZOOKE is called the B-3, which has an engine that is 2.0 liters, a top-speed of 125 kilometres an in just four seconds, and is designed to be used in a variety of vehicles.

The vehicle is currently in the process of being modified to take on the latest and greatest vehicles.

There have been some serious accidents in Australia with the Bzooks since the vehicle was first produced.

A vehicle was involved in a crash in the town of Wollongong in NSW in 2015 and there have been numerous accidents and fatalities involving the vehicle since.

One person was killed when a BZZOOKA car crashed through the side of a truck in Hobart in 2008.